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To be expected in September 2020

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“When planets become Stars”

How to Set Up, Operate and Position an NGO in a World of Shifting Perceptions

the text reflexts a landscape of rising global complexity in economic, political and social issues, an incremental proliferation of international organizations, That has left governments with challenges limiting their regulatory capacity, begging the question for new ideas and approaches.    


Hylke & Marina Vinkeles Melchers


A how-to Workbook

A guideline with several steps for persons and organizations working with, or exploring the potentials of a redefined role of NGOs in the scheme of things. It contains a reference framework with clarifying materials. The authors differentiate nongovernmental entities in accordance with their types, degrees of independence, being nongovernmental, stressing the importance of the added value to society. Read more in caption ‘NGO book’ … 

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Our NGO (ADFU) deals with matters of state, political decision making, and economic & financial developments. Stimulating dialogues in an atmosphere of trust enhancing international cohesion. 

Personal attention, ambiance and discretion are given particular emphesis, in an effort to transform strangers into friends. Our organization is operating outside the institutionalized frameworks, non-religious, a-political, and not-for-profit. Read more in caption  ‘Public Profile’ …