Financial topics

Below a bird’s eye a selective overview at random of financial/economic issues dealt with over the past years in our programs, and the level of speakers involved. This allows the participants in this field trip to place the topic of today’s program into a wider perspective.

Please note that other economic and related issues, which we dealt with in the past, will be presented in similar overview in our next  travel journal.

Issues/subject matters

  • Accountability of government spending
  • Poldering” in the Dutch economy, and cross-border investments
  • Budgetary policies in practice and the “Zalm-norm
  • The budgetary policies of the current government in perspective
  • Solidarity at any price / The employers agenda for the current government
  • Global company pension management, and worldwide Asset Pooling
  • Legal challenges in cross border pension schemes
  • Export practices / International Investments, Innovation Programs
  • The Netherlands financial sector policies and involvement in the G20
  • Succinct overview of Basel III (financial markets)
  • Towards a new European banking supervision infrastructure
  • Financial crisis in emerging markets?
  • Economic diplomacy, supporting international competitiveness
  • International Corporate Social Responsibility (ICSR)
  • The CSR-framework for improving global partnership
  • Government reform in the Netherlands: past, present and Future
  • The S.E.R. Advise on globalization, and company interests
  • Market access for products from developing countries
  • Dutch agriculture and agribusiness in a globalising world
  • The Dutch Pension System in perspective (1st, 2nd, and 3rd pillars)
  • The politics of the banking union
  • Selling the table silver/privatizing the Dutch banks and more
  • Creating a Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM)
  • Reconciling the single market and the banking union
  • Long term benefits vs short term needs
  • Reinforcing the role of Dutch banks in international financial transactions
  • Focus on the future in Policy Development 2014
  • Interpreting the figures: from Recession to modest Recovery
  • SER report: Balancing macro-economic adjustment and economic growth
  • The Budget under reconstruction
  • The broken Growth Model of the Netherlands
  • The new EU Economic and Budgetary Governance and surveillance framework




The speakers mentioned below represent a selecting at random, giving an overview of the level of the ADFU network

  • Director Asset Management, Delta Lloyd Asset Management (business)
  • Secretary General for Government Reform, the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK)
  • Corporate Director Sustainability/Health Safety and Environment, AkzoNobel (business)
  • Senior Vice-President Supplier Development and Sustainability, Philips International (business)
  • Director Economic Affairs, S.E.R.
  • Director General for Foreign Economic Relations (BEB), Ministry of Economic Affairs
  • Director of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB)
  • Director Financial Institutions, FMO (financial institution)
  • Secretary General Committee of European Banking supervisors (CEBS)
  • Vice-President of the Court of Audit (government)
  • Member of the Socialist Party (political party)
  • President of the CNV (labor union)
  • Secretary General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, agriculture and Innovation
  • Director for General Economic Policy, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation,
  • Member MT Department for General Financial and Economic Policies (AFEP), Ministry of Finance
  • Member of the Board of the FNV (labor union)
  • Chief Economist of Rabobank (business)
  • Partner Ernst &Young Financial Services (business)
  • Professor of the Duisenberg School of Finance (education)
  • Director VNO-NCW (employers lobby)
  • Head of European Banking Supervision Dutch Central Bank (DNB) (government)
  • Head of Unit of Registry, Recovery and Resolution, European Banking Authority (international organization)
  • Director of the Dutch Banking Association (business)
  • Professor Economic Department University of Amsterdam (education)
  • Secretary General, Ministry of Economic Affairs (government)
  • Head Economist of the Central Office of Statistics (CBS) (government)
  • Senior Economic Affairs Officer, the Social and Economic Council (S.E.R.) (tripartite)
  • Director Inspectorate, Ministry of Finance (government)
  • Professor University of Amsterdam (education)
  • European Semester Officer, EU Representation in The Hague (international organization)

Occasionally ADFU engages international speakers from London, Paris, Brussels, and Nord Rhein-Westfalen (Germany.)