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The mission of the Association for the Development of Friendship and Understanding (ADFU) is to provide an independent platform for expats (members of the Corps Diplomatique and dignitaries of International Organizations) to get an exposure to developments – in various fields – taking place in their host country in relation to worldwide developments. Thus enhancing their understanding, and subsequent improved professional effectiveness.

Our organization deals with matters of state, political decision making, and economic & financial developments. Stimulating dialogues in an atmosphere of trust (Chatham House Rules) and enhancing (inter-)national cohesion which serves as a kaleidoscope for gaining insights, demonstrating ‘how it works’ behind the scenes. Selected decision makers and influencers from government, civil society, and business highlight their expertise and knowledge carefully tailored in accordance with our multi-dimensional concept. Our activities are issue related and deal with current topics, enriching perspectives. The choice of data and how to transform them into information is unbiased. 

Hospitality, discretion, personal attention, and ambiance are given particular attention, in an effort to make friends out of strangers. Our organization nurtures a living stream of continuously self-renewing networks, and offers supporting services such as: business advocacy, subtle diplomatic intervention, explanatory guidance and references. We openly share our practices with a worldwide audience. The concept results in positively nudging international relations.


Our vision is that in a globalizing and increasingly complex world there is a need for improved human relations, through a customer-close service in line with universal values. The worth of innovation is to be considered not merely as an economic asset, but more interestingly as a contribution to the human evolutionary process.

ADFU operates outside the institutionalized frameworks, is non-religious, a-political, and not-for-profit. We are funded through grants, and private donations alike. Our organization is network-centric, flexible, and  dynamic, with an concentric structure, consisting of an executive office in the core, in the next circle a number of professional committees, and an outer circle of consisting of specialized experts. 

Honorary Members

His Excellency Dr. Erwin Kubesch, former Ambassador of Austria in The Hague

 His Excellency Mr. Hans O. Magnusson, former Ambassador of Sweden in The Hague

His Excellency Dr. Thomas Läufer, former Ambassador of Germany in The Hague

His Excellency Dr. Carlos Mora, Ambassador of Uruguay


Former members of our Committee of Recommendation

Her Excellency Mrs.Vesela Mrden Korac, Ambassador of Croatia

His Excellency Mr. Francesco Azzarello, Ambassador of Italy

His Excellency Mr. Jan Borkowski, Ambassador of Poland

Mr.Jaap Smit, King’s Commissioner Zuid-Holland

Mr. Frank van Kappen, Chairman of the Standing Committee  of

Foreign Affairs, Defence and Development of the  Senat of the States General

Mr. Fred de Graaf LLM, Member of the Senate of the States General

Prof. Dr. Klaas Knot, President of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB)

Mrs. Mariette Hamer, Chairman of the Social and Economic Council (S.E.R.)

Mr. Ed Nijpels, Chairman of the Standing Committee o or the Agreement on Energy

Mr. Wim J. Deetman, Member of the Council of State

Mrs. Angelien Eijsink, Chairman of the Standing Committee of Foreign Affairs

of the House of Representatives of the States General                                                          

Mr. Gilbert H. A. Monod de Froideville, Honorary Chamberlain to Princess Queen Beatrix