Program overview

Activities and professional Programs


ADFU deals with matters of state, political decision-making, and financial and economic developments. Stimulating dialogues in an atmosphere of trust and enhancing international cohesion it serves as a kaleidoscope for gaining insights, demonstrating how it works. Selected decision makers and influencers from government and business highlight their expertise and knowledge in accordance with the ADFU concept. The programs are issue related, and deal with current topics enriching perspectives through carefully selected data. The choice of information for the seminars, workshops and study sessions is un-biased.

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Example of the scope of activities 2006 – 2015


Matters of State
  • The Constitutional Monarchy
  • The European elections and its consequences
  • Advisory Councils, and political influencing
  • Parliamentary Elections and forming a government


Political Decision-Making








  • Counter terrorism and globalization
  • Drugs policies and cross border vigilance
  • Global company pension management
  • Immigration policies
  • The Geopolitical challenges of the European Union

Financial developments








  • The stock exchange, banking and regaining trust
  • The Euro Zone crisis, containment or paradigm shift
  • Towards a new European banking supervision structure
  • The Netherlands financial sector policies
  • The Equator Principles and investing in sustainable funds

Economic developments








  • Sustainable Energy Transition
  • Poldering/The Dutch economy and budget
  • Export policies and Economic diplomacy
  • International business ethics/ ICSR
  • The S.E.R. Advice on globalization